viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

When a woman opens her heart

When a woman, any woman, opens herself showing some hidden part under the surface, it might be the muse, the heart, the wild wolf, the witch, the fairy, the river flowing under the skin; when a woman does so, it is because she feels safe and she trusts the person opposite her.  When she does so, it is not always because she is seeking something or because she is trying to cast a spell on the man watching her unveiling.  She does so, because she wants to give the best of herself, because she needs to let it flow, because she needs to be free.  Because she thinks whatever she is giving might do good to the other.  And after that unveiling she remains kind of naked from inside, no matter how much clothes she is wearing.  Therefore, whatever the man does, will affect her enormously, because she is naked, she is wearing no disguise, no shields, no iron walls.

If the man walks away, destroys  bridges, draws a vast desert of silence, sends his guardians and predators, ignores her, laughs at her and he pretends nothing ever happened;  he behaves like all those families, all those communities who set fire to the witches, all those loving parents who punish their girls because they are not normal.  Instead, you should be able to face her, give her a coat if you cannot give her a hug, sit by her side in silence if you cannot say a word, look into her eyes showing her that you appreciate what you were given and that you truly respect her.

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